SB Waterproofing Co. is the only company in town to serve you with the latest and top-class technology. Our record of accomplishment is written in golden words for our preeminent services. We have branded and trustworthy systems established in our company to protect all the commercial and residential properties from any water damage. Your satisfaction is our only goal, and we will put in all the efforts to do so. Even at the time of building or renovating the building structure, you can call us for installing the waterproofing systems competently for longer life.

Basement Waterproofing Services

Basement waterproofing is the most costly service while making or renovating. But, our company works on the idea to turn up the leaking water into your drainage system. Waterproofing systems installed at the building time are much better than the ones installed later. This interior waterproofing saves you with a lot of bucks if done at the right time. We even provide emergency backup systems in our services to help you fight any disasters.

Our list of services also includes mold relieve and basement floor waterproofing for a longer life of the structure. Our services stop the mold from growing rapidly, which lends a hand in decreasing the allergens. These allergens are tough to fight later and cause a lot of allergies and health issues.  

Walls & Structural Waterproofing Services

One can take benefit of our services while constructing your dream home as well. Waterproofing is required in the foundations of your home. It can cost a little more than the basement one, but do not worry! You are in safe hands. We prevent water from entering in walls and structure causing moisture all around. We seal all the drainpipes and water lines to thwart water from entering inside. We are trained enough to handle all these troubles easily. Our walls and structural services include sealing water storage tanks and drainage pipes. We stand strong on our services, so you do not have to welcome water from unusual places